Monday, April 27, 2015

Visiting Leighton's School

Visiting Leighton's School by Guzilla
Visiting Leighton's School, a photo by Guzilla on Flickr.

At a PTA meeting at Leighton's school I told his teacher that he won't be in next week due to New Orleans.

She said, "that explains it! During Music Class we asked all the students, 'what is music?' And Leighton said, 'Jazz Fest."

Just when I couldn't be prouder...

Leighton's Incredible Artwork

Leighton's Incredible Artwork by Guzilla
Leighton's Incredible Artwork, a photo by Guzilla on Flickr.

A rather involved animal hospital, replete with grape lollipops for brave animals who get their vaccinations.

Submarine Ran Aground

Submarine Ran Aground by Guzilla
Submarine Ran Aground, a photo by Guzilla on Flickr.

The idea to turn their bedroom into submarines worked a little too well...

Momma was PISSED at the young Captain's drawing marine life on the wall.